Guilin Photography with Mia Beales

Hong Kong & China I’m going to Hong Kong and China in August. And to help me plan my trip is Mia Beales of Mia, welcome to the show. It’s so good to have you here to help me plan for this hopefully epic … Read more

Larger Formats with Stevan Tontic

Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography.From Bosnia, Sarajevo. Lives in the Chicago area. Briefly describe two or three locations you recently traveled too.I travel for work. So I get to go to lots of places that most wouldn’t be able to see. … Read more

Fuji X Series with Dan Bailey and Brent Huntley

Questions to get the conversation going: Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography. Briefly describe a location you recently traveled too and the photography you did there. We talk about the system, where these guys love to shoot (Portugal and Scotland) and a … Read more

Palouse with Brian Pex

The Palouse region is simply amazing, and very popular. In this episode Brian Pex joins me to talk about the beautiful rolling hills, using a polarizer to emphasize the landscape and capturing the vibrant canola fields. Oh, and don’t forget the strip farming and crop … Read more