The Human Planet with Timothy Allen

Topic: Interview with Timothy Allen As I look through your site I’m simply drawn in by the stories told there. Incredible stories about fascinating places and people here on this great planet of ours. So it’s my hope, today, to talk about a few of … Read more

Stories Behind the Images Part 1

In this episode I’m going to be focusing on a few of my photos and the stories behind them. I had mentioned that I’d start doing this quite a while ago and I received some positive feedback about this idea, and then it got delayed … Read more

What makes us tick and winter photography tips with Levi Sim

A few quick announcements to consider. I’ll be offering portfolio reviews as we start the new year. All the info will be found on my website and it’ll all be up and running by January 2019. So if you’re interested in that just stay tuned … Read more

From the cockpit with Christiaan van Heijst

Christiaan is a professional cargo pilot and fine art photographer. Our conversation starts out with his basic approach to photography and, of course, his job, but also we get into the nitty gritty of the stories behind some of the images I like best. He’s … Read more