All About Clouds and a New Bag I Like

For all the photos, please check out the Latitude Photography Facebook group, or my website here: Links Mentioned in today’s show: Fine Art Cloud Photography link: Bag Review on YouTube: affiliate link: ThinkTankPhoto affiliate link: My Online Course: Cloud Illustration: Valentin … Read more

OC Workshop Report

Links mentioned in episode: LensRentals refer a friend link: If 10 people use this I’ll put a poll in the facebook groups to ask what I should rent next. Come to the Palouse and learn to print! Trip Report Workshop basic info. Time frame, location, … Read more

The Nifty Fifty and Creative Techniques

Episode Links Exposure Averaging Video: Segmentation Series Video: Soft-proofing Analysis Video: Online Print Course: List of available workshops: Summary I talk about the process covered in my recent YouTube videos. They are Exposure Averaging, Segmentation, a series I started several years ago, and expectations about … Read more