Photo Therapy with Rick Sammon

Today’s conversation takes us deep into personal territory, we seek to help you define and understand what will make you a better photographer, and maybe a bit more well rounded too. 🙂 Links Mentioned in today’s show: Create Photography Retreat, Join me in Greenville, SC, … Read more

Patagonia and Pentax with Matt Bishop

Links Mentioned in today’s show: Matt’s Website: PALOUSE Shoot-n-Print Workshop Details: Use this link AND the code “latitude15” the next time you need to rent gear. I’ll get a small percentage and you’ll get 15% off. affiliate link: Need to carry … Read more

This amazing planet of ours with Aaron Nace

I just love being able to talk with someone and getting to know a bit more about what makes them tick as a person and a photographer… This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 67 for February 9, 2020! Links Mentioned in today’s show: PHLEARN Links … Read more