Dark Processing with Enrico Fossati

Perspective blending, exposure blending, color grading and more are discussed in today’s episode with my special guest, Enrico Fossati. Links Mentioned in today’s show: Find Enrico’s masterclass on dark processing here: https://www.enricofossati.it/dark-processing-masterclass Survey:https://forms.gle/wa5c95SZpfebcXkp6 Palouse Shoot-n-Print Photography and Printing Workshop Get on the list for updates on Latitude … Read more

Photography Between Air Force Missions with Tom Wagner

This week we get to know Tom Wagner, one of the new “Latitude Regulars” that will be joining me from time to time. I’m thrilled to have him here talking about life in the US Air Force and some of the photography experiences he’s been … Read more

Business Tactics with Jeff Brown

There’s no better time than the present to reassess the approach you’re taking with your photography. Last week we talked about preparing for normal with creative ideas in mind, how to better ourselves as a photographer. This week it’s all about reassessing our business approach … Read more

Preparing for Normal with Matt Bishop

Unless you’re in Belarus or some other far-flung location, you’re in some form of lock-down and our abilities to travel are severely restricted. That’s tough for travel photographers like us to handle. I talk with Matt Bishop about ways to prepare for normal, ways to … Read more

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

What does it take to be “good” in photography? We explore that and more in this edition of Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 73 for April 5, 2020 Links Mentioned in today’s show: Palouse Shoot-n-Print Photography and Printing Workshop Get on the list for updates on … Read more

Antarctica and more with Paul North

We go to the ends of the earth in this episode. Paul North, of Meet the Ocean, shares his knowledge and stories about shooting from places such as Antarctica, Greenland and everything in between. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 72 for March 31, 2020. … Read more