129-130 Logistics of a 4-week road trip Parts 1 and 2

Going on an extended road trip takes a lot of planning. Today I’m going to give you the basic day by day report of my recent trip that started with a drive to Isle Royale National Park and ended 28 days later. This is Latitude … Read more

128 Smart Watches for Photographers

We are taking a look at two smart watches and how they are useful for the travel outdoor photographer. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 128 for October 5, 2021 MAIN TOPIC Smart Watches for Photographers Today I have Liam Douglas joining me once again … Read more

127 Nature First Photography with Scott Bacon

I came across Nature First Photography when I was researching other guests for the show. I was curious and that curiosity led to this episode. I promise you there’s no politics, no bashing of ideas, at least not intentionally, but simply some good conversation and … Read more

126 Backpacking Strawberry Mountain Wilderness and LPS Release

Today I’m talking about the images I made while backpacking and the release of Latitude Photography School. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 126 for August 22, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS/Other Comments Click here for the expanded show notes:http://latitudephotographypodcast.com/episode/126 The topic for August, 2021 is #InTheCity. It’ll … Read more

125 R5 Revisited and the Oregon Coast with Chuck Haney

We’re looking at a few more details on the Canon R5 today, now that I’ve had more time with it, and my guest has been shooting it for a while too I figured it would be good to revisit this topic briefly. Plus, we take … Read more

124 Photography as Fine Art? with Erin Babnik

Art. What is it? Is your photography Art? Are you an artist? There’s many different opinions about this idea of art and photography. One thing is for sure, a photographer is a creative person, generally speaking anyway. But when you apply the term of art, … Read more

123 Getting Fall Colors Right with David Long

We’re planning ahead a little bit in today’s show. I’m talking with a New England photographer all about what we can expect when we head out to shoot fall color this season. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 123 for July 22, 2021 ANNOUNCEMENTS/Other Comments … Read more

122 Theodore Roosevelt National Park with Chuck Haney

Today we’re talking about one of the least visited national parks in the lower 48 states. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 122 for July 11, 2021  ANNOUNCEMENTS/Other Comments July Topic The topic for July is #PublicLands. Please get your submissions in by the 27th … Read more

121 “Back-Camping” with the Canon R5

I recently added the Canon R5 to my toolkit and I took it out on a trial run for some major backpacking that will be happening later this summer and fall. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 121 for July 5, 2021  ANNOUNCEMENTS/Other Comments July … Read more

120 Recent Astro-Photography Adventures with Kirk Keyes

There’s just something about photographing the night sky that causes me to stop and contemplate our existence. In this discussion Kirk and I don’t get too philosophical, but we do take a dive into photographing the night sky from southern Utah and Oregon. This is … Read more