Turning Point

Well, I survived Hong Kong. That’s about the best way to put it. If you listened to my previous shows you heard my conversation with Mia Beales with Guilin Photo Tours and how awesome that area of China is. You also heard about my other … Read more

All About Photo Bags Call-in Show, Part 2

Bags, bags and more bags I’m going to first start by talking about two bags once again. These are the MindShift FirstLight 20L and the REI Trail 40 with Tenba BYOB 13 insert MindShift Link: https://www.thinktankphoto.com//collections/firstlight-series/products/firstlight-20l?rfsn=953619.2a0eb The FristLight 20 is a great bag if you’re … Read more

Jetlag and HK details

Jet Lag In talking with my videographer friend he mentioned jet lag. My flight gets in to HK around 4:00 p.m. and I’ll spend some time going through customs and such. It’ll likely be about 7 by the time I get to my hotel. I … Read more

All About Photo Bags Call-in show, part 1

Welcome to a special edition of Latitude Photography Podcast. The show where we talk about all things related to landscape and travel photography. I’m calling it a special edition because this episode is being published on both my Latitude feed and the Master Photography podcast … Read more

Guilin Photography with Mia Beales

Hong Kong & China I’m going to Hong Kong and China in August. And to help me plan my trip is Mia Beales of GuilinPhotographyTours.com. Mia, welcome to the show. It’s so good to have you here to help me plan for this hopefully epic … Read more

Larger Formats with Stevan Tontic

Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography.From Bosnia, Sarajevo. Lives in the Chicago area. Briefly describe two or three locations you recently traveled too.I travel for work. So I get to go to lots of places that most wouldn’t be able to see. … Read more

Fuji X Series with Dan Bailey and Brent Huntley

Questions to get the conversation going: Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography. Briefly describe a location you recently traveled too and the photography you did there. We talk about the system, where these guys love to shoot (Portugal and Scotland) and a … Read more

Palouse with Brian Pex

The Palouse region is simply amazing, and very popular. In this episode Brian Pex joins me to talk about the beautiful rolling hills, using a polarizer to emphasize the landscape and capturing the vibrant canola fields. Oh, and don’t forget the strip farming and crop … Read more

Provence with Ashley Tinker

Today I’m talking with Ashley Tinker who lives in the Provence region of France. It’s a great discussion about all the great opportunities photographers have in the area. We talk about lavender, cyanotypes, markets and a host of other things. Enjoy! She can be found … Read more

Photographing the Redwoods

The redwoods area that we’ll be looking at today is in CA, but just barely. It’s right on the border with Oregon and a great place to use as your base, if you’re not camping, is Crescent City. It’s about 12 miles south of the … Read more