As a travel/outdoor photography podcaster I’m always thrilled to create more photographs and share with you the stories of the experience and highlighting what is to be learned from it.

Your donation helps me get just a little bit further down the road. It also helps keep the show going by helping to cover the web hosting fees and the audio file hosting fees along with other fees.

Thank you for supporting these efforts. I greatly appreciate it!

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$1 = 1 mile

Since travel photography is the theme of the show, it only makes sense to tie donations to something travel and photography related. Many others say “buy me a coffee” etc. Well, I don’t drink coffee 🙂 But I do love to head out on the road and bring those stories and lessons learned to the listeners of the podcast.

I’ll keep track and report on a monthly basis. As the hat fills up, we’ll be able to see what’s happening and I’ll make announcements for plans on listener sponsored journeys.

Miles can be related to driving, flying, going by ferry or train or even hiking. The mode of transport isn’t important. The journey is.

Donation Levels

I’ll read off the list of donors (first name only along with state or country) at the end of the show each month. I’ll use the following amount levels when I make the thank you announcements.

  • $1–$5 Listed as a group. Individual names will be read as belonging to this category but specific amounts will be withheld.
  • $6–10 Each donation will be mentioned individually. Each donor gets a standard podcast sticker if you include your contact info in the donation submission.
  • $11 and up. Each donation will be mentioned individually. And if you include your contact info in the donation submission you’ll receive a personal thank you card with a podcast sticker pack (both stickers).

Those who wish to remain anonymous: please put a note in the donation submission stating your desire.

If you decide to make a recurring donation, stickers and thank you cards will be sent out quarterly.

The Sticker Designs

This is the standard sticker. Measuring 2×3 inches.
This sticker is included in the sticker pack mentioned to the right.