The Power of Serendipity with Jeff Gusky

Thank you for joining me for this very special episode. I’ve been trying to think what I could do for episode 100 and when the opportunity came to speak with my special guest today I just knew I had to make it happen for this episode. 

Dr. Gusky and I talked in mid-August 2020 and we happened to mention a few items that are rather time sensitive, so please do keep that timing in mind. I did not plan on holding on to this interview for over four months before it would be released, but due to my challenges I had starting in August and ending in November a delay was inevitable. 

So let’s hop on over to the conversation now where Dr. Jeff fills us in on the power of serendipity and how it led to him photographing the last remnants that was left behind from the only all African-American combat unit in the U.S. Military and their contributions to World War One.This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 100 for December 25, 2020

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As this is a special episode I’m withholding any announcements and this is also released on YouTube. If you’re watching it on YouTube please do look up Latitude Photography Podcast in your favorite player and you can listen here. If you’re listening and you’d rather watch the slide show then by all means, head on over there, it’ll be the first link in the show notes under “useful links.” 

Thanks so much for being here, let’s get to the conversation now!

The Power of Serendipity Conversation.

When the power of the modern world disappears, all we have left is each other. Everything gets real in a heartbeat. We discover strength and courage we didn’t know we had. We reconnect to meaning, purpose and to each other through selfless acts of courage & kindness. We get very clear about what really matters. And we rediscover what’s been there all along … a vast reservoir of human decency and goodness just beneath the surface of modern life that’s never left us which abounds with hope. When crisis turns our world upside down, paradigm shifts that restore what’s humanly safe and humanly real are critical.

Recently featured at The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, Jeff Gusky found a secret, hidden for a hundred years, that changes the way we see race in America and the way we heal ourselves. Gusky discovered the only surviving trace from World War I of a black combat unit beneath a farm field in France on the former front line: the underground command post of a unit the Germans called “The Black Devils” because of their fierceness in combat.

  • They weren’t just any black unit, they were the ONLY ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN UNIT in the United States military. By 1918, they were already 49 years old.
  • This discovery reveals that nearly everything we thought we knew about Race In America is WRONG. We’ve been living a lie for 125 years & the truth is MUCH BETTER & MUCH WORSE than we know.


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