101 Setting Goals for 2021 Part 2

Today we talk more about goals for the coming year and I thank a few listeners for their participation in the Facebook group. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 101 for January 8, 2021

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I am your host, Brent Bergherm. Welcome to Latitude Photography podcast, the place where travel-outdoor photographers come to learn, grow, create and be inspired. And for me the journey is just as important as it is to be able to make top notch images from the places I visit. The experience is enhanced by making good images and good images are enhanced by the experience. Thank you so much for being here.

Today we have a special episode with Brie Stockwell and Lori Rowland and we’re talking goals once again.

Brent’s Other Goals for 2021

  1. Become the top affiliate for LensRentals.com and turn those earnings into more rentals for more things to talk about here on the show.
  2. To be more active and more of a positive influence online. I’ll start with the Latitude Photography Podcast facebook group, but I’ll also be looking to share more in Instagram and YouTube as well. I have an advanced photoshop class I’m teaching this quarter and I’d love to see what I can do to put some of that material out for this audience as well.
  3. Create a series of photographs on where I live. Milton Freewater, OR. Or maybe to expand it to Northern Umatilla County. 
  4. Workshop to Dubrovnik, Croatia where we focus on composition and creativity.

Lori’s Goals for 2021

  1. My number one goal has always been, and will probably always be, to spark an emotional response when someone views one of my photographs. My goal for 2020 was to enhance that response by creating videos that I call Moving Landscapes. 
  2. For 2021, in a continuing effort to improve my video skills, I am going to learn to use a follow focus device to more precisely control my focus transitions.
  3. I am going to work to create smooth camera movements using a fluid head tripod.
  4. Practice my video processing skills.
  5. Develop my YouTube channel
  6. Improve my website
  7. And… just for fun… Go to a photography workshop as soon as Covid is behind us. 

Brie’s Goals for 2021

I’ve been trying to make larger goals that make me feel discomfort when I create them.  Last year I made my “impossible goal” and it feels way more possible now since I’ve been pushing myself out of my “comfort zone”.  I’m highly driven by working to achieve an end result and I have found that having a huge goal has pushed me to grow more than I thought possible.  

  1. In a continuation of my “impossible” goal for 2020, I finally set a date for my home photography exhibition.  So, my goal is to be ready for it!   I’ve got to finish editing, cull and fine tune them, learn to print, do the printing, frame my images, then put it all together.  I’m also working on the actual event itself.  I built temporary walls!  I think I’ll need to write some things about my images, etc.  Covid concerns, etc.
  2. Goal – Keep practicing!  Go out and shoot 1x/week.  I’ve been doing my best already to get out that often but, after my event, I want to keep up my momentum.  I think that revisiting local places will help develop my composition skills, especially if I take the time to check out different perspectives.  Plus, it’s fun to explore!
  3. Goal – Get better at editing my images!  I’ve learned a lot already but I would like to hone those skills even further. I think I’ll have on day/wk where I learn and then practice by editing 1 or 2 images.
  4. Goal – More photo trips.  Another solo trip maybe back to New Mexico.  Go on an overnight backpack trip with photography in mind.  I’ll definitely need to train for this!  I’m thinking of doing Guadalupe Peak at G. Mountains National park. 
  5. Personal goals – Learn better Spanish! I would also like to grow more spiritually.

I hope these inspire others to make any type of goal (large or small) and then go for it! 

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