106 The Why and How of Making Fine Art Prints with Joshua Holko

To me, a quality print is the ultimate manifestation of a fine photograph and I just love this conversation with a fellow printing enthusiast. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 106 for February 28, 2021

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Moab Masters: https://www.moabpaper.com/moab-masters

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Reliving Mark website: https://relivingmark.com


  1. Why you print
  2. What you look for in a photograph that will make it a special print, is there anything that translates better to paper than screen?
  3. You’re a Moab Master. Tell me about that.
  4. You say that you prefer Somerset Museum Rag paper by Moab. That you “would not exhibit your work on any other paper.” why is that? What is it about this paper that makes it so special? 
  5. Your print process, I do three levels of inspection/sharpening. Capture sharpening, creative edits which include creative sharpening sharpening and output sharpening. Does this resonate with your process? Do you do things differently?

5b. Color calibration.

  1. Do you use Epson or Canon Printers. We’ll talk about that briefly.
  2. Anything else you’d like to add.

Announcements (appears before the printing conversation in the episode)

I certainly hope all is well with you, things have really been humming along here at the farm. We had some excellent snow a couple weeks ago and now it seems Spring is well on its way.

Things happening in the fb group recently:

Closed the Winter Wonderland submission timeframe and opened another, Under the Sun. Be sure to apply the topic to your original post so I can see it when it’s time to do the review. We’ll actually plan to do this next one live and that will be scheduled a bit later. We’ll shoot for later in March. 

For Under the Sun, try and incorporate something with the sun in your shot. Feel free to dig through your archive of images, or make a new image. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll try once again to bring someone on with me to do the review and this will generally be a rather light hearted review. We won’t dive too deeply nor will we get to critical. But it’s still a great opportunity to learn some points on the insights we share about the photos.

The session I recorded with Tom Wagner is posted to YouTube but I had a weird echo with Tom’s audio. That was not his fault at all. I heard him just fine and I know his side of things was operating as it should. The echo was my issue and I’m getting that figured out before I do the next session. I may delete that video because, while it’s great to have those photos discussed, I just can’t see it really working well since it’s so hard to sit through. So, my apologies to you and Tom and we’ll get it fixed the next time around.

Other things in the group, Mike Regas asked about online learning, he mentioned Phlearn Pro and Kelby One. If you have anything to chime in on that I’m sure he’d love to hear from you 🙂 

And Aaron Martinez, he was on just a few episodes ago talking about the Pentax K3 mkii, which has been delayed indefinitely, well, he posted a pic from up here in the PNW. Nice to see these types of images coming in 🙂

My next episode will be all about your Lightroom Classic questions. I have very little experience in Lightroom CC but if those are there I’ll do my best with those. Look for the post in the group and get your questions listed there. I pinned it to the top and I made it an announcement so it should be easy to find.

Rather off topic, but something I wanted to share anyway, I was able to help a fellow faculty member with a website recently. He produced a six episode documentary on the Biblical book of Mark. The website link is in the shownotes towards the top but it’s called Reliving Mark. The first episode is to be released today, the 28th of February. You can watch it online if you’d like and the remaining five episodes will be released a week apart. I believe it culminates with the final episode releasing on Easter Sunday which is kinda cool.

Oh, I finally got my submission in to the Voices of the Wildernes Artist in Residence program operated by the National Forest Service in Alaska. If you want, you can see my submission portfolio of six images in the fb group. I decided to focus on three genres of work, the Active Landscape, Panoramas and my series I call Segmentation. I should know the results by mid April so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray they choose me. It would be such an amazing experience to head up there and be in the wilderness for a couple of weeks.

And my goodness, I’ve just got so many things to talk about. I have a preliminary plan worked out for my Sabbatical experience I hope I’ll get approval for from my Vice President at the university. It includes Great Basin National Park, Badlands National Park, Lake Superior coast of Minnesota and Isle Royale National Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. My intent was to visit various national parks that are not exceedingly popular. And all of these fit that description as I look at the visitation numbers for 2019. Once I have confirmation that it’s been approved I’ll start making reservations and other final plans. I was thinking about seeing if I could go far and wide, like to Florida or Maine, but let’s face it. We have a gigantic country and I have a family too. This trip would have me on the road for 4.5 weeks and most of it would be camping. So I remain hopeful… One other idea I had was to lengthen the trip and fly home for a week in the middle of the trip to break it up a bit. We’ll see how it goes but I don’t see that happening at this point.

My plan largely centers around spending the better part of a week in each location, then completely resting on Saturday’s in a hotel, literally just chilling out and possibly sleeping. And then on Sundays I’ll record a podcast episode and publish it so you always will have fresh and timely discussion about the experience and then I’ll be back on the road on Mondays to the next destination. It won’t be a perfect occurrence every time because I’m looking at spending the weekend on Isle Royale, but for the most part that will be my goal.

OK, I think I’ve about covered it all, it’s time to get on to my discussion with Joshua Holko, he’s been on the show twice before talking about his work as a Polar Photographer and prepping for harsh winter conditions. So without further ado let’s just get right to it and I’ll start by saying Joshua, welcome to the show!

Ending Remarks

Latitude Photo School is going pretty good. Today starts a huge push to make it all come together. In this episode I mention about my printing course. That will be part of the school for sure, but just know that I’ve temporarily turned off the ability to purchase that course since I’m switching up a bunch of the tech I’m using to deliver my online trainings. But in short, my LPS service will include the following: Access to all my courses, group Q&A sessions (you can type in questions, I’ll answer them or show you on screen, whatever is the best option) assignments with feedback and a I’ll be planning on rolling out a discussion forum shortly after launch.

If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see that would put my photo training service above the rest I’m all ears. I really like the idea of assignments because I really do believe that photography is best learned by doing the work and then getting a review on those images makes it all the better. I have yet to fully flesh out how it’ll work because I could easily get overwhelmed but I really want to make this the best service with the greatest value possible. 


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