107 Answering Listener Lightroom Questions with Brie Stockwell

I process all my images in Lightroom Classic and have been using it since version 3. But it can be a beast to figure out, especially when you’re new. So I figured it’s time to tackle this subject and we’ll do it by answering your questions. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 107 for March 10, 2021

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Reflecting on the last episode…

A quick thought about the printing episode with Joshua Holko. Listener David Medeiros made a comment in the fb group stating that we shouldn’t only reserve printing for the “high” images or the ultra quality items. I couldn’t agree more. Prints have such great value with the notion of sharing, learning more about your craft (you just see it differently in your hand vs on a screen) and even making a book. The family album is almost a lost tradition these days and that’s a travesty. When my family goes on a vacation we often will make either a scrapbook of the pics we took along the way or we’ll get a book printed using an online service. A great way to preserve and share memories in a fashion that actually gets looked at! 

Plus, starting with printing on photos that “don’t matter as much” is a great way to get into the practice of printing anyway. By reserving your efforts to those images that you have such high expectations for might be problematic and disappointing. Start small, start with lower expectations on the print quality and work your way up and you’ll be doing great work in no time 🙂

YouTube Live Portion

Today, Brie Stockwell is joining me and this is going to be a log of fun answering all these questions, But first a story…

Client with a problem with his LR catalog…

Lightroom Questions

  1. George McCane says: The “local adjustments”, The Brush tool, The Radial Filter, The Graduated Filter, and especially The Spot Removal Tool and Clone Tool. Personally, I would rather use Photoshop Layers and the Mask for the areas that I want to adjust.
  2. Colin Mayer: The Colour Wheels  (I assume he means the color grading section that was introduced recently) Jules DuPrey, Sara Kempner and Jennifer Utsler agree and want to know about Color Grading. 
  3. Brie’s Importing and Organization questions. In particular with switching to a new HD. Preset Import settings?
  4. Nelson Tapias: Tips for the clone and healing tool. LR is so clunky compared to Photoshop.
  5. Roxie Dominguez: Trying to remember how to use all of the tools! My brain gets overwhelmed so quickly!
  6. Joel Galbraith: File management and roundtrip to Photoshop with ideas about when to go into PS vs stick to LR. Wanting to keep RAW data vs TIFF image data in PS. Focus Stacking for example. PS import settings?
  7. Terry Brockway Holdren: Sharpening and Noise Reduction and not overdoing it (keeping it looking natural)
  8. Michael Torkeldsen: Using collections in my photo import workflow. Brie would love more info on the different types of collections and how they work.
  9. Gary Aidekman: understanding and using range mask
  10. Zack Williams: Healing tool, organizing / best redundant back up method, moving to a new computer
  11. Terry Brockway Holdren: When I go into the crop tool to straighten a photo. I use the straighten slider and once I feel it is straight I click done and it seems to tilt a little one way or another. Any suggestions? Other than getting it straight in the original shot, which I try to do.
  12. Underutilized tools in LR! – Calibration!, Crop views? 

Ending Remarks

On Sunday, March 14, I’ll be releasing my first episode of my new mini-course on YouTube. It’s called Lightroom Quickstart Bootcamp. I’ll release about six episodes on YouTube and then to get the rest you’ll have to sign up for my free access membership on my website. I’ll also go deeper into LR on the paid side of the website but this quickstart bootcamp is intended to get you up and running efficiently in LR and showing you all the tools and what you need to know to use them effectively.


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