111 Listener Photo Reviews: Under the Sun

Reviewing listener submitted images is fast becoming one of the highlights to my month. This time around we’re reviewing the topic Under the Sun. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 111 for April 4, 2021

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Welcome to Latitude Photography podcast, I am Brent Bergherm, and it’s my pleasure to be your host. I’m a travel/outdoor photographer and if I’m not out there shooting pictures I sure am dreaming about it. Sometimes to the point where it affects my work, and that’s not good but it’s the way it is.


Today’s topic of discussion is the Under the Sun images. The point and purpose was to photograph the sun with something interesting between you and the sun. It could be high up in the sky, low to the ground, doesn’t matter.

This was already broadcast on my YouTube channel, and we did the recording live as well. At the time of this recording it has 75 views. My biggest question to you is, is it valuable to have this also reproduced in the audio format? Let me know. I’ve been doing some image reviews for quite a while, whether it’s my own, guest’s images or images from listeners like in today’s show. I just want to be sure you get something out of this so I appreciate any feedback you can provide me.

Also, the next topic is In the Water. We’re looking for a photograph of something that is literally in the water. It could be something you did while scuba diving, or something that is getting drenched in the rain. Go beyond the photograph of water and show something actually in the water or otherwise interacting with the water.

I also put a poll in the fb group which is getting some great responses. Thanks for all those who have participated already. The question is related to how you see yourself as a photographer. 

I added the options of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced/Pro-level. Matt Bishop chimed in with a poll option and said that he’s “completely lost.” Thanks Matt, I’m going to go ahead and say you’re in the right place then 🙂

Mike Regas added an option that says “somewhere between advanced and intermediate.” 

So far the results are about what I expected. 65 are saying Intermediate and 46 are saying somewhere between advanced and intermediate. 32 are saying “advanced/pro-level, 8 said beginner, and 2 said “experienced” which was an option I added later.

Sandy Glenn Brown added an option that says, “Yesterday  I would say a definite intermediate until the wedding I shot last night. Now I’m not so sure :(“ I totally understand that, and I think that resonates with a lot of what others were saying in the comments too, in that it depends on the specific genre you’re talking about. I got quite a few comments about not feeling comfortable with putting a label on their creativity and the skill set etc. I totally get that. I’m just glad to see the conversations happening. It’s good to talk these things through. In fact, before the month is over, we’ll actually have an episode dedicated to understanding your photography, or maybe better put, understanding your place in photography and what you get out of it, and what you do with it. I just finished the slide deck today and I’m going to record it later this week with Lori Rowland. I’m really looking forward to it for sure!

If you’ve not got on to respond to the poll I encourage you to do so. Especially if you’re a beginner. I would LOVE to hear from you. 

Other things happening in the group:

Jennifer Grant-White submitted a picture asking for some feedback. It was her first post so it’s great to see those first time items coming in for sure!

Brett Baker asked about tips for photographing water when you don’t have a circular polarizer filter. And we’ve had some great responses come in from suggesting dawn and dusk when it’s not such a big deal to get the reflections and glare that can happen.

Brie asked what types of images he typically shoots, and that’s a great question because it’ll help us give some specific advice.

Others like Mike Regas and Alyce Bender said similar things and that is to find a way to embrace the glare. 

My thoughts…


Today is all about Under the Sun. Images have been posted to the website for the show notes and to the facebook group. Enjoy the conversation!


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