113 Understanding Your Photography with Lori Rowland

It’s my mission to help you work through any blockades you have in creating better and more meaningful photography. In today’s episode we look at this notion of understanding your photography, and maybe it’s better to say understanding your point and purpose in photography. When that is clear to you, it’s much easier for everything else to fall into place. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 113 for April 25, 2021


Upcoming topic for listener images reviews. IN THE WATER

April 29, going live on YouTube at 7:15 p.m. Pacific Time. I invite you to join us live and ask questions or make comments while the images are being reviewed.

Lots of great images have been coming in. Get yours in before the evening of the 28th to be considered for this next live session.

I’ve released my next episode of my Lightroom Classic Quickstart Bootcamp. It’s all about my personal method of doing file organization with all my images. I also talk about options for organizing by date as well.

Other than the inquiry I put in the facebook group about the idea of what you think it’d be like to be in on the planning stages of the workshop (i.e. the specifics of what to shoot) I didn’t hear anything back from the last time I said something about that in the previous episode.

So I’ve decided that I’ll still plan this workshop, and for those that are curious, you can help determine which is better, one waterfall over another.

The location will be Minnesota’s North Shore area and there’s just TONS of waterfalls. It’ll also be in September. More details will come out later but just know this for now, if you’re interested, block out mid September in your calendar. We’ll be photographing fall color and waterfalls. We’ll start in Two Harbors, MN and end in Grand Portage. It’ll take me a bit to get the sales page ready on the site, but for now, just be planning on it 🙂 


Understanding your Photography with Lori Rowland.

  1. Identifying your Photographic Purpose
    1. What are your interests in life?
    2. In photography?
    3. Name Three sources of Inspiration, from any source, creative inspiration.
    4. Describe your VOICE as a photographer.
    5. What is your overarching goal?
    6. What are you really good at outside of photography. Literally, remove as much “photography” from the conversation, what are you really good at? You might consider these to be your traits.
    7. Not considering photography, what needs work?
  2. More about you?
    1. Do you get feedback? Meaningful feedback?
    2. Your work isn’t for EVERYONE, nor should it be.
    3. Your work isn’t just for you either.
  3. Who is your photography for?
    1. Where are you in your creative process, how do you get here?
    2. What’s working for you?
    3. Introduce new interests, but don’t get derailed!
    4. Methodically add new ideas and see how they resonate with you, your audience and your goals.
  4. How to grow with your photography?

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