114 Listener Photo Reviews: In The Water

I really enjoy doing these listener submitted image reviews. I’ve also got a few more details about the workshop I’ll be doing in Minnesota this fall.  This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 114 for May 2, 2021


This is Latitude Photography podcast, the show for travel outdoor photographers to learn, grow and be inspired. I am your host and guide, Brent Bergherm, and I’m so glad you’re here. And I know you’re like me, where, if you’re not out there shooting pictures, you sure are dreaming about it.


New topic for May: #SpringFlowers

Facebook changed topics to hashtags.

Minnesota Workshop: waterFALLcolor, a mixture of waterfalls and fall color. 

North Shore

Just a few of the potential destinations:

Gooseberry Falls State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Benson Lake at George Crosby Manitou State Park, Devil’s Kettle Falls, High Falls at Grand Portage State Park which is right on the Canadian Border, and Hollow Rock.

Dates: September 19–24, 2021

Start in Duluth, thought we might do a Sunday morning boat ride out of Duluth, but so far it’s not working out.

End in Grand Marais. 

Some details are still being worked out like exact pricing.

I’ll scout the region the previous week, then I’ll have a good idea of what works and what won’t for the group. I have over 25 destinations to consider taking the group and I may not get to all of them. But with that scouting knowledge I’ll be able to focus our efforts and we’ll be able to slow down and do good work.

Who it’s for: Any photographer that wants to learn composition, shooting techniques and a bit of post production too.

Workshop will include a 30–45 minutes pre-workshop session where we get to know each other a bit. I’ll review some of your images. We’ll talk about your goals.

Then, after the workshop, we’ll have a 60 minute session where we’ll go over your images individually and I’ll offer any post processing advice. If desired, be sure to send me a few raw files beforehand so I can process them on screen for you.

These sessions will be recorded and available for you to keep.

A great question came in the facebook group about gimbal heads.

Mike Regas was simply asking about the benefits of them. Several good comments came in including Karl Greeson who suggested that it would be good for when you need to move the camera around quickly, action or wildlife shots.  

Juan Reppucci stated that it’s great for balance with almost no effort in big telephoto lenses. Offers great freedom of movement, useful for panning or following moving stuff.

Steve Blackett included a link to a useful YouTube video titled, “How to Balance a Gimbal Head”

Rowland Rivero said he uses it all the time. For birds in flight, wildlife along the river. And there were several more responses.

Thanks to all who chimed in and helped out. Facebook, in their algorithmic wisdom didn’t show me this post for the longest time, but I’m thrilled to have so many helpful listeners in the group that are willing to chime in with some great advice. Keep the questions coming and the good responses coming too! 🙂


In the Water. We have 26 images to discuss. This is from the original YouTube Live broadcast.  The link to view:https://youtu.be/soJtx4lrDZo

And I put the images in the fb group as well if you want to follow along there.

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