116 Shooting Wildflowers at GROWISER

[sounds of birds, bugs and shutter] This is the sound of what I call Heaven on Earth. Out in nature, photographing God’s beautiful natural wonders, it doesn’t get any better than this. Welcome to Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 116 for May 21, 2021.


A HUGE thank you to Forrest Mankins for the very kind comments he left in the fb group about my Master Photo Printing course that I have on my website. He bought the standalone course a while back, but only recently dove into it. In his words,”It is extremely thorough, organized, and the most helpful online learning I’ve ever experienced.” 

Wow, that’s so wonderful to get such feedback. Thanks again, Forrest.

I also posted a link in the group about testing your “color IQ.” It’s a fun test created by the folks at xRite. You end up moving little color swatches around to arrange them from one hue to another. I also did this in person in January 2020 at a color conference I attended, and I got the same score then, so I think you can generally trust their implementation with a good quality screen. None of the colors are hugely saturated, so most screens will perform well, you should give it a try.


A lot of great pics are coming in for the new topic for May: #SpringFlowers

Please get those in the facebook group or email them to me.

Facebook changed topics to hashtags.

One last thing. I put a question in the fb group “Which camera setting gave you that “Ah HA!” moment when you finally understood what it did and how you’d use it in your photography?”

Frank mentioned the ability to see the effects of flash right away, specifically using night portrait mode but also in daylight or shadows.

David Richard Leadingham mentioned the power button, yes, that always provides an “ah HA!” moment for me, as long as the battery is charged!

He also said that the whole idea of aperture and depth-of-field was initially tough to grasp. Once he got it though… it all made sense and he was off to the races. If you want to go a bit deeper in that, look for my episode titled “Sensor Size Confusion” It was published December 15, 2019. In that episode I talk more about the idea of DOF calculations and why, all things being equal, a smaller sensor means that your DOF calculations come out differently from camera to camera. Even if you were to take a FF camera and then crop in, your calculations still change which was completely mind boggling to me until I understood why this is the case.

Another ah HA! Moment was shared by Drew. He mentioned that with the advent of digital capture and the ability to crank up the ISO was a game changer for freezing action, like a humming bird.

Wendy said that she loves shooting wide open, beautiful bokeh speaks to her. I agree, in fact, that’s the reason I got signed up with one of my photo agents so long ago. She really liked my selective focus that I was showcasing in my images.

Richard mentioned about the switch to mirrorless cameras, and seeing the exposure changes in the viewfinder. That and the histogram overlay is simply amazing to have in today’s cameras.

Gary liked the idea of setting up different presets using the settings or memory presets available in his cameras. Being able to quickly change how the camera behaves for different types of subjects would probably have made it possible to not lose so many images when I’m shooting the ocean with a long exposure and then some pelicans fly by, of course, I still can’t shoot pelicans with a 10 stop filter screwed on to the lens, but…

Mark mentioned that he loves his back button focus. I do too, now that I’m a convert.

Kirk Keyes mentioned the use of the zone system. I think I need to do an entire episode on that one. Kirk is also a latitude regular, so maybe he’ll join me on that one.

Stay tuned after the conversation that’s coming up to learn more about my Minnesota fall color workshop. I hope to see you there.


I recently took a morning off and went to go shoot. I had to leave home at about 4:00 a.m. but as an outdoor photographer it really was just another Wednesday 🙂

I met up with Lori Rowland and we made a recording on site. Let’s transition to our conversation now…Where we went: https://www.growiser.net

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