119 Minnesota’s North Shore with Lisa Crayford

I LOVE waterfalls. And today I’m talking with photographer and author, Lisa Crayford, about the beautiful Minnesota North Shore area and all the wonders of nature that can be found up there. Welcome to Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 119 for June 20, 2021 Happy Father’s Day!

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Recent Trips topic submissions are due soon. I’m going live this Thursday, June 24 at 7:15 p.m. Pacific time. This time I’ll be going live in the facebook group so be sure to look for me there. I’ll post the recording to YouTube as a replay.

Mike Regas asked in the FB group about using either NextGen Gallery or Envira Gallery. I do like nextgen for a few reasons. 

a. the image files are managed in their own folder (not in the WP media repository). 

b. it has a print option for selling prints with lab fulfillment. 

Both options have an option for uploading images directly from Lightroom but neither are reliable in my opinion.

I will be doing an episode on smart watches for photographers. I’ve already got someone coming on that will represent the Apple Watch and how a photographer might like to use it. And I use a Garmin device. I’m wondering if anyone is out there that uses any other type of smart watch with a specific use-case for photographing or hiking/exploring nature. If so, and if you’d like to talk about it on the show I’d love to hear from you.

I picked up a Canon R5 the other day. It will be delivered in a few days. I decided to stay with Canon for a few reasons. Familiarity and lenses. More details mentioned in the show.

I posted a little meme in the group an on my Instagram that says, Creativity and Stress tend to be opposing forces. I’ve made it an announcement so it’ll be easier to find for the next few weeks. I’m wondering if you have anything to share about this idea of creativity and stress. I’d love to know your thoughts and maybe I’ll briefly talk about it in the next episode or two as we move on through this summer.


Waterfalls is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. There’s motion, energy, and the refreshing opportunity to dip the feet into the cool running water, at least sometimes anyway.

Today we’re focusing on Minnesota’s North Shore and Lisa Crayford is joining me. Lisa, Welcome to the show.

Talking points:

  1. Tell us about you and your photography, start wherever you’d like to.
  2. You wrote the book on photographing Minnesota’s beautiful waterfalls. Tell us a bit about the book and what it takes to put such a project together.
  3. Tips for photographing waterfalls.
  4. Let’s talk specifically about Minnesota’s North Shore area. Which top 3–5 falls simply can’t be missed by someone visiting for a week.
    1. High Falls on Pigeon River (Grand Portage), on the border with Canada. MN. claims 121 ft. Canada claims 92 ft.
    2. Devil’s Kettle, gradual mile, then down 177 steps. 45ft. Drop. Half splits into a hole, have tried to track where it goes and no one knows where 
    3. Caribou Falls, Mile Marker 70. 151 miles from Duluth. They just put in a bathroom at the parking area. ½ mile easy hike. 70ft. Fall. Get down in the river. Looks tiny from the steps. Feeds down, fans out. 
    4. Portage Brook Falls. 13.1 miles up the arrowhead trail. Park on the left, trail in the ditch. A hop, skip and a jump to the falls. Had seen a female moose one time in October.
    5. Partridge Falls, also on Pigeon River. Grand Portage Reservation. Rough gravel roads. Take a spare tire. Bring Water. Roads are narrow. From Hwy 61, allow 45 minutes. Walk .3 miles from parking spot. Will be grabbing roots on the way down so be careful.
    6. Gooseberry, 5 total, two areas of lower falls. Middle falls, upper falls. 5th falls is a mile further up river. Bridge above 5th falls.
    7. Falls at Temperance, six or seven waterfalls in less than a mile. Nature’s drill bits.
    8. Tetegouche High Falls, 60+ feet high. In lower water you can walk across the baptism river. Very open, and lots of steps.
      Two steps falls, access east or west side, 222 steps or so on either side. Start out in the morning, when you have energy.
      The Cascades
    9. Prettiest Hike, Hidden Falls, upriver at cascade river state park.
    10. Evening picnic, onion river falls.
    11. Thompson Falls. On Cascade River. In the book. Is a huge waterfall, In Your Face. Good any time of the day. Wide open area, off the beaten path.
    12. Upper Falls on Two Island River. .3 mile hike, beautiful in the fall. Triple Falls. By Schroder MN.
    13. Penn Creek Falls. By Bean Lake. Tettegouche State Park. Challenging, more strenuous. By Silver Bay, little mossy grotto. 
    14. Definitely do the Oberg Mountain Trail. Leaves are gorgeous. 
    15. Ride the Gondola at the ski lodge. Lutsen Mountain. Poplar River.
  5. I’m planning to be there in mid-September. I imagine the crowds will be there too. What can we expect?

Links to find Lisa online: https://www.instagram.com/countrygalleryphotography/


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