125 R5 Revisited and the Oregon Coast with Chuck Haney

We’re looking at a few more details on the Canon R5 today, now that I’ve had more time with it, and my guest has been shooting it for a while too I figured it would be good to revisit this topic briefly. Plus, we take a virtual trip to the Oregon Coast, one of the most beautiful places for a landscapist to photograph. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 125 for August 13, 2021


August Topic

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Today I have Chuck Haney returning to chat a bit deeper about our impressions with the Canon R5 and we’ll share some images of the Oregon Coast. Probably my second favorite place to shoot. Chuck, Welcome to the Show!

Talking Points:

  1. Do you have a favorite place to shoot? Or are you more like Imogen Cunningham who is credited for saying, “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”
  2. Thoughts on the R5: 
    1. I love;  the eye tracking auto focus for birds. Higher percentage of keepers.
    2. The ability to use the focus point in the entirety screen.
    3. The ability to focus stack (not doing in manually)
    4. The ability to shoot in lower light with higher ISO
    5. The IBIS is a mute point since I still only use my older EF-lenses
      Explanation by Canon Rep: https://youtu.be/9Tc4kEAUayc?t=3085
    6. I haven’t shot much video yet..
    7. The time lapse feature works well,
    8. I do not use wireless
    9. Still adjusting to using the LCD screen for viewing as old habits of looking thru the viewfinder are hard to break
    10. I use the CF Express card only, very fast!
  3. Oregon Coast: Chuck’s Images
    1. Canon Beach Night
    2. Cape Blanco Lighthouse
    3. Cabe Blanco St Park
    4. Cape Kiwanda
    5. Oregon Dunes Sunset
  4. Oregon Coast: Brent’s Images
    1. Cape Arago Lighthouse 005-18
    2. Sunset at Face Rock 104-18
    3. Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint 145-19
    4. Between Shore Acres and Sunset Bay State Parks 270-19
    5. Pillars of Bandon Beach 323-19