136 Speeding Up the process of Slowing Down

If you’re like me, you’re always hopeful that the time spent out shooting will be rewarding and productive. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Sometimes we continue to be distracted or otherwise “out of it” in a manner of speaking. I’m thrilled to have Lori and Brie join me to tackle this topic on this edition of Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 136 for December 5, 2021

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Just a quick note before we jump into the main topic with Lori and Brie… I mention in this conversation about a future episode with Greg Benz. It’s actually going to be two weeks from today that it’s released, the 19th of December. In this conversation I said “next week” and I just wanted to clear that up.

Also, there will be other announcements and what-not afterwards, please stick around for that! And now,,, off to the conversation where we’re looking at this notion of speeding up the process of slowing down.

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Main Topic

Speeding Up the process of Slowing Down in your photography

Setting the stage, what’s this all about?
Optimizing Opportunities for Creativity –  (Lori) Forecast potential photography events, such as weather, sunrise & sunsets, celestial events, full moon, new moon, Milky Way, etc. Consider things that might be of interest to you, local events, animal migrations, blooming seasons, etc. Put these events on a calendar and set aside time to photograph them in advance. 

For weather and celestial events, pre-plan the closest locations you can get to quickly in case an unanticipated event is happening. I use a weather app called Clear to forecast sunrise & sunsets. I use Aurora Pro to forecast Aurora events. The forecast is key to capturing these types of events.

Figuring out what works best for you
Trying to “get into the zone” of photography

Brent’s Tips

If you’ve been at something a while… Take a break
Great for long post-production sessions
Get out and change your scenery-environment
It should last at least 20 minutes, I’ve never seen it work with a shorter time frame, it often takes longer
If you’re trying to concentrate on the project at hand, the shoot, or in post-production
Turn off your notifications on your phone and-or computer
Spend some time decompressing, transitioning to the “zone.”
If your mind is racing, or constantly distracted, grab a notepad and write down all the things you’re thinking about. Use the notetaking feature on your phone if needed. Write it down and get it out of your mind.
Clear your mind. If you’re doing “car-based shooting” where you don’t have to hike much you’re at a disadvantage with this process.
Be patient. Don’t rush it. It feels counterintuitive but it seriously works.

Brie’s Tips

Same as Brent – Just actually SLOW DOWN!!  When we rush it can cause us to make easy mistakes. Rushing can stop us from focusing on the present and being intentional with our photography. We have a greater chance of enjoyment and success when we can be patient. If you find yourself rushing, take a minute to breathe deeply and relax your body.
Plan ahead!  Be intentional in how you approach your photography so you can create your experience on purpose. Plan ahead to be patient and focus on the experience.  I do this all the time and it works!

Lori’s Tips

Allocate time for photography in advance… create a large block of time
Mute your cell phone, don’t post on social media during photo trips, only afterwards. 
Upon arrival at your site, take time to get plugged into the environment. Use as many of your senses as you can to explore your surroundings. Sight… Look around and scan for interesting things, both large & small.
Listen… Can you hear wind in the trees, nearby streams, birds, bugs, etc.
Touch… Feel the breeze on your skin, the texture of rocks, trees, etc.
Breathe Deeply… Pull fresh air deep into your lungs. Plants, flowers, and even animals often give off aromas that can make you aware of their presence.
Let yourself be fully absorbed into the nature experience. Imagine yourself as a part of the environment, not just an observer of the environment. Be inquisitive… Seek out some of the things you learned from using your senses. 

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