139 How to make money while you are sleeping, with Rick Sammon

Happy New Year! I hope you’re off to a great start for this new year. Today I’m talking with Rick Sammon about his latest book. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 139 for January 2, 2022

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Main Topic

Grab a copy of Rick’s book for yourself!

Rick Sammon joins me once again.. Rick, Welcome to the show!

This is Rick’s 6th appearance on Latitude Photography Podcast, and we’ll have him on once more in the next episode talking about a very special destination, and an awesome experience to participate in with himself and Ian Plant.

  1. Starting right off
    1. Disclaimers
      1. Each photographer and their interests vary, not everything mentioned today will apply to all people, nor should it.
      2. There’s a lot more in the book than we’ll be able to talk about today, plus, I’ve added some of my own thoughts to take us off on a few tangents. These are generally thoughts I had while reading the book.
      3. Some of the questions and comments I have are unique to my situation, listeners are invited to chime in using the fb group with your own questions or points.
    2. Networking
      1. You’ve never met three of the book’s contributors
      2. Do not make enemies
      3. Ego is the enemy – A GREAT BOOK by this title
        1. Strong ego = you believe in yourself
        2. Big ego = the bad part of ego
    3. Basic Premise(s)
      1. Work hard during the day
      2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  2. A Photographer’s Website
    1. Treat everyone like they’re at a local deli
    2. Blog on a regular basis
      1. About what’s in your heart
    3. Give stuff away for free
  3. Socialize
    1. Advertising on social networks?
    2. Promotional posts vs informational/helpful posts (1:4 ratio)
    3. Tagging friends
    4. Networking-all in this together attitude vs. ???
    5. Blending personal and professional interests on social networks
  4. Passive income streams
    1. Affiliate programs
    2. “Buy me a coffee”
      1. Other alternatives, calling it a “tip jar” or simply “donate” etc
      2. Thoughts on a platform such as patreon or BMC vs handling it on your own site
  5. Content production
    1. Starting a facebook group
      1. Aren’t there a TON of groups already out there?
      2. How to manage a group, the proper attitude to take
      3. Establishing goals and purposes
    2. Writing a book
      1. Easy to say/suggest, how hard is it to “do”
      2. Steps that may lead up to a book one day
    3. PDF eBook
      1. Any tips for topics we can develop that will make a good PDF book vs. a regular book idea? Or should we not differentiate too much?
      2. https://expertphotography.com search for The Big List of Free Photography Ebooks. https://expertphotography.com/free-photography-ebooks/
    4. Podcasting
      1. Time commitment roughly 4 hours for a 1 hour show
      2. It’s not for everyone, who should start one?
    5. Recording a class
      1. Looking good: the glasses challenge, either remove them or…
      2. How to develop an idea
      3. Where to publish first. YouTube? Website? Other…
    6. Email newsletter
  6. Intermission
    1. Time commitment, work-life balance
    2. Exercise, your daily routine vs mine, thoughts on the value of exercise and staying active
  7. Selling Prints
    1. Deciding if you’ll print yourself or outsource
    2. Finding an audience

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