140 Tanzania with Rick Sammon and Ian Plant

Today we’re heading to Africa with Rick Sammon and Ian Plant. Learn about the amazing landscapes, wildlife, and of course the amazing people too, in this edition of Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 140 for January 9, 2022

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Main Topic

Visit Rick’s website
Visit Ian’s website
Learn more and register for the Tanzania photo safari

Kayak’s Covid Map

Photographing in Africa
Preparing for an African Safari
Clothing ideas
Camera equipment
Charging batteries
Food expectations
Visas etc? (eVisa available, file online)
Current Covid Testing (early 2022) Negative PCR test to travel to Tanzania, expect to take another rapid test upon arrival. No need to quarantine if negative test.
The journey there, what to expect
Packing the camera gear
Airplanes and more
Arrival, what can be expected
On the ground
Options for solo travelers
Options for groups like yours
Dealing with culture shock
In the field (On Safari)
Accommodations planned
Shooting schedule
Other activities?
Types of Photography

Announcements, Resources, and Links

Book Recommendations
Last Train to Zona Verde
Dark Star Safari

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