Photography and Vision with Tim Lawson

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Today’s show is an interview with a listener, Tim Lawson, and we’re talking about Vision and working to execute that vision.
But there’s a few other announcements I want to take care of before we get on with the interview.
Denver meetup.
Denver one-day workshop.
Oregon Coast.
Walla Walla and Palouse Workshop.
Final call for Blue images via the facebook group.
That wraps up the announcements, let’s hop on over to my conversation with Tim Lawson and this idea of vision. This is an enhanced episode, so if you have the ability to see the photo on your device, and if you’re not driving, go ahead and take a peek now so you know what we’re talking about, it’ll also have been posted to the facebook group a few days ago so you can also find it there.


Tim Lawson, welcome to the show…
Tell me about your image. Let me describe it first for the listeners, but then I just want to know how to came about this image.
It’s a young woman in a cape and mask standing on a rock hill holding a large branch with a lantern over her shoulder. The stars are behind her with a significant swirl going on.
Tell me about how this image came together and how you also worked in Photoshop to make this all happen.

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