Photographing Airshows

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  1. Tell us about yourself, where you live, the types of photography you do, and how long you’ve been shooting airshows.
  2. Gear talk, what’s in your regular kit when you head off to an airshow?
  3. Gear talk, what do you take to an airshow that you don’t take on other shoots?
  4. The makeup of an airshow, there’s obviously the flying, but what else is there? Anything happening on the ground?
  5. What about different types of airshows?
  6. Let’s talk flying, what are some types of aircraft that you can expect to see at an airshow?
  7. With that different types of aircraft, does your technique change much, or is it generally all the same? Give us some tips that we gotta know before we head out to photograph our own airshow?
  8. Lighting, do you have much choice on where you can stand to get your photos?
  9. You’re working with some folks for special access to these shows. Help us understand the difference in access that you have compared to the regular public.
  10. If listeners want to get in on it, where can they go?
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