Discovering the Unknown with Ariel Estulin

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Guest Introduction.
Today I have a special guest with me. Reading from his website it says that he’s “primarily interested in landscapes, he travels the world seeking out beauty in those wild and remote places on earth that still remain untouched by civilization and where nature commands ultimate attention.”
On the about page there’s also something about training as a graphic designer which also very truly speaks to me so we’ll get in to that too, but without further ado,
Ariel, It’s so good to have you here, welcome to the show.

Tell us a bit about you as a photographer. I’m particularly interested in that graphic design training bit and how that informs your photography, but a tiny bit of historical context about you is good as well.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into some of your work. In particular:

  1. How you choose locations to travel to and shoot
  2. Off-the-beaten-paths in Tibet and Nepal
  3. Interactions with the local people when you’re there
  4. Practical logistics of traveling in places such as Nepal/Tibet.
    a. Transportation
    b. Accommodation
    c. Safety, personal and for your gear
    d. Money
    e. Traveling alone or in a small group
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