Best of 2019 Part 2, Box Set Production

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I get in to all the technical details about making this boxed set from a few printing tips and techniques to full production of the description sheets and the cover overlay in Adobe InDesign. It’s a deep dive into what you need to know to do something like this for yourself. You’ll need a photo printer and the Adobe suite as I use InDesign which is not available in the standard photographers package.

I also talk about revisiting photos a while after the shoot and the value of reprocessing images. 

Plus, there’s a few key announcements. Such as, after this episode I’ll be changing things up in how I manage the show and the audio files. For you, you won’t need to do anything. The show isn’t going anywhere. My only fear is that with my changes you might be prompted to download all the episodes all over again. With these changes I’ll be able to streamline everything and be more efficient with production and I’ll be able to get started on my big project I’m working on for release in 2020. 

This whole process (making the boxed set) is available on my YouTube Channel, just follow the links below to watch the process rather than just listen to it.

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