Creating Time-Lapse Videos in the Lofoten Islands with Diarmuid O’Donavan

Like much of the world, the Lofoten Islands is one of those locations that is rather high on my list of must-visit places. Today I have a special guest with me to talk about this beautiful destination and how to make time-lapse videos while there.

This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 60 for December 8, 2019!

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Norway’s Greatest Sunrise

Lofoten Islands 4k Timelapse

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Main Topic

Today I have a special guest and we’re talking all about the Lofoten Islands. His name is Diarmuid O’Donavan. Diarmuid, Welcome to the show!

Tell us a little about yourself as as photographer.
The videos you shared to YouTube, 4K slider and Greatest Sunrise, share a bit of what these videos are about and what we’ll see in them.
What about getting there? You’re from Limerick, tell us about the journey up there.
Shooting in the Lofoten Islands, how far north is it? (roughly 68º North) and are there any specific challenges faced when that far north, other than it’s cold?
Tell me about the Rhino Slider ROV pro traveler and the whole setup, start to finish as far as the shooting method is concerned.
What steps do you use in putting the time-lapse together in post-production?
Other locations you got to?

Tip of the week

I’m starting a new thing here, and that is, before we close out the show I want to share a tip of the week. On Master Photography Podcast we have the doodad of the week, so it’s kind of like that. But I’m thinking of a photography tip or technique idea that we’ve not yet covered that you can share.

Diarmuid: Experiment with aspect ratios that are built in to the camera.

Brent: Time. Spend time with your subject. Explore as many different ways of looking at and seeing your subject, then go for 10 more. Push and stretch yourself by slowing down and spending time with your subject.


Diarmuid, where can they find you online?
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Diarmuid, thanks so much for being here, that’s it for today, until next time, happy shooting!