Creating Lens Based Art with Bob Coates

Using photographic techniques to create his art, Bob Coates considers himself a “Lens Based Artist.” We talk about his work and and his approach. You’ll be inspired and motivated to get out there and make some of your own masterpieces.

Coates Fine Art:

Bob Coates Photography:

Instagram: Bob_Coates or bcoatesart

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Main Topic

Today I have a special guest, Bob Coates, and we’re talking about:

  1. Bosque del Apache
  2. Landscape Prints
  3. Flora Prints

Photo Tip of the Week.

Brent: Lens limitations, use a single lens, or if a zoom, a single setting on your lens and go out and shoot.

Bob: If you have a good B&W photo, you often have the good bones for a good color photo. Set your camera view to Monochrome, and make sure you shoot in raw so you still get color. If you shoot in JPG you’re stuck in B&W.