Artists in Residency with David Hunter

Our National Parks and other federally managed lands offer a great opportunity to photographers and other artists. That is, the Artists in Residency program. In this episode David Hunter and I discuss what these programs are all about, how to apply and our own applications for going to Alaska this summer.

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Main Topic

Today I’m talking with David Hunter about Artist in the Park Residencies, David, Welcome to the show:

  1. Getting to know you a bit, tell us about you and your photography
  2. Artist in the park Residency, what is it? 
  3. Who should apply, what qualifies someone for this experience?
  4. Any advice for which ones to go for when it’s your first time?
  5. What turns them off from an applicant?
  6. They require outreach/informational programs from the applicant after they return home (and some while on site). What types are they looking for?
  7. Do they look for a different type of art medium from year to year, or is there other criteria for making the selections?
  8. Should the applicant be familiar with the location at all? Either with previous visits or research, or???
  9. Where have you been selected to be an artist in the park?

Tip of the Week.

Brent:Practice the principle of Continuity. Think about something that is joined with other things that makes a larger item, such as the rungs on a ladder. When we see that we don’t think, “there’s a rung” we say “there’s a ladder.” So push yourself, what other items can you find and create a photograph of that is built on the individual elements but is part of a larger whole.

David:I’ve discovered Nigel Dantzen. A lot like Thomas Heaton. Something he does is to do his own printing. I don’t have the time. But he will print out his images and then physically mark them up and note what he can improve upon in those images.