Staying safe and connected with SatPaq

When you’re on a photoshoot and way out of cell coverage and you need help, what can you do? Maybe you just want to send a quick note home. Now there’s a device that makes it easy to communicate with loved ones, get the weather for your exact location and more. And it’s all possible even when you’re miles away from the nearest cell phone tower.

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Main Topic

Today I’m talking with Rob Reis about a great looking product called SatPaq. Rob, Welcome to the show!

  1. Quick overview of SatPaq and the company
  2. You as a photographer, a bit of experience with a Mamiya camera?
    1. How it connects to your phone
    2. SpaceLinq App and features
    3. Costs
    4. Tech features, battery life etc.
  3. Details of SatPaq
  4. Regional Limits?
  5. Future goals, where you’re heading.