Preparing for Normal with Matt Bishop

Unless you’re in Belarus or some other far-flung location, you’re in some form of lock-down and our abilities to travel are severely restricted. That’s tough for travel photographers like us to handle. I talk with Matt Bishop about ways to prepare for normal, ways to continue to enrich our lives as photographers while we also deal with these ever-increasing restrictions. Also, this episode is dedicated to all the front-line workers such as doctors and nurses and everyone in-between and on the periphery of all the work that’s going on to combat the virus. Thank you for all your energy, dedication, sacrifice and general love for humankind.

This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 74 for April 5, 2020

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This episode is dedicated to all the health care workers and other folks around the world that are working so hard to keep us healthy and getting us back to normal.

Main Topic.

You get a bonus episode today. This is the second episode for April 5. I thought about waiting a week but figured I really wanted to get it out to you so here you go. I’m talking with Matt Bishop, Matt, Welcome to the show.

  1. You live in Italy, give us a photographer’s perspective of what’s going on there in Rome and around the country.
  2. The last time we were chatting we talked a bit about Pentax as you’re a Pentax shooter and we talked about Patagonia. But we didn’t get to finish Patagonia. Let’s finish that up, so where shall we start?
  3. Eventually we’re going to get back to normal lives where we can go out without much fear or trepidation and the risk of transmitting the disease will be mitigated. It’s our goal to encourage you to transform yourself photographically. A lot of us have more time on our hands these days and what better way to spend some of that time than investing in yourself. Here’s our tips and resources for investing in yourself during this time.
    1. is running a discount until April 6, that’s a day after this episode is published. It’s 40% off and the code is Latitude40. If you miss the date go with Latitude20 and you’ll get 20% off their annual subscription rate. It’s excellent photoshop training.
    2. This whole quarter I’m releasing my principles of photography lessons into the Latitude Photography Facebook group. You can find them there in the feed, it’s not “organized” like a class, but if you’re a beginner or you want to brush up on a few photography techniques and such you’ll appreciate these. I’ve released three so far and I have three more I think to go. I’ll have to reference my notes but I think it’s three more to go. This is a preview of sorts for my Latitude Photography School service coming out later this year. I’m still planning on Summer 2020 for the release of the school, stay tuned.
    3. Matt, you wanted to talk about this. People interested in going beyond post production techniques that delve you into a world of mystery
    4. Rent something. Head on over to and rent something to try out. Maybe you want to try some macro photography or a camera mount to track the stars. Use my code “latitude15” and get 15% off your order. I have my eye on renting a cine lens. Not that I want to make any movies or what not, but cine lenses are supposed to not have any focus breathing, no vignetting when wide open and super smooth focus and aperture control. I think it would be interesting to shoot with something like that.
    5. Brain training off-field. Listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos with regards to on field landscape photography, invest in advanced post production tutorials. Know your gear inside and out so you don’t waste time on-field. 
    6. I plan to do a tutorial soon on doing macro photography on your kitchen table. I’ll do other shoots like that where I’m working with what I have very close to home and let me tell you, this is a huge challenge for a travel photographer like me who suffers greatly from back-yard-syndrome. I’m just not as interested in subjects that aren’t tied to a travel adventure. It’s just my nature.
    7. Another thing I’m tempted to do is look into Final Cut Pro. Apple is giving a 90-day trial. I use Premiere now and that’s fine, but FCP is certainly a good package too and I’ll be producing a lot of videos again soon so I say why not? Davinci Resolve is also tempting since the base license is free.
    8. has some great materials too, and they have a free offer as well.