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There’s no better time than the present to reassess the approach you’re taking with your photography. Last week we talked about preparing for normal with creative ideas in mind, how to better ourselves as a photographer. This week it’s all about reassessing our business approach and making sure we’re properly connecting with our client base.

This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 75 for April 13, 2020.

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Business tactics for photographers whilst in quarantine

Jeff, welcome to the show!

The last time we chatted I was interviewing you for the Master Photography Podcast and we talked about LinkedIn for photographers. Today we find ourselves in vastly different times and our presence on social media is possibly more important now more than ever. Let’s talk about some of these items, shall we?

  1. Why now is a time to be working ON your Business and not IN it
  2. Time to look deeper into your brand and who your ideals clients really are, could they be changing
  3. How social media has changed over the past month and what you need to focus on
  4. Why you should still post posting to social media everyday
  5. Be ready to come back bigger and better with a regeneration offer


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