Being a Social Media Underdog with Matt Bishop

Effectively managing a social media presence can be a bit of a head scratcher sometimes. In this episode Matt Bishop and I discuss our experience with using various social media platforms and we’ll also get in to some of the tech side of things as well to make sure we’re doing it right.

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I love today’s topic. It’s something I hate to admit, but I feel I struggle with it. But keeping at it and refinding your approach is the name of the game and today I’m thrilled to have Matt Bishop with us once again. Matt, Welcome to the show!

  1. How have things been Matt? Italy is somewhat returning back to normal.
  2. How about you, Brent? Sell and buy anything lately?

Main Topic: Being a Social Media Underdog

  1. Item #1 Matt’s background
    1. 500px website, a great place to get feedback on your images
    2. Most of the landscape photographers I know today I found on 500px
    3. Transitioned to Facebook, firstly as a personal way to communicate with family and friends.
    4. Started using fb for my photography
    5. Good success with fb, private groups, “full-frame pentax”
  2. Things changed in Spring 2019
    1. Took a group of photographers on a workshop in Italy
    2. Participant was skeptical about coming on the workshop because I didn’t have an Instagram presence
    3. Understanding what’s important to our audience is very important
    4. Instagram is where everyone is at, there’s so many out there that we hadn’t discovered before
  3. Item #2 Being a social media underdog and feelings behind it
  4. Item #3 Restructuring your profile and ways to improve
  5. And So on… How are big names doing it, or have done it

Main Topic: Getting the tech right

Sometimes you just don’t know what is the best way to approach the sizes of the photos and other items that you put on your social media accounts. Facebook alone has three different suggestions for what to do with your personal page cover photo. And why does YouTube require a 2560×1440 cover art when so little of it is actually seen on the site?

I’ve created a cheat sheet document for photographers to help you get started and to help you get it right so your images and other artwork can look its best.

  1. Facebook
    1. Personal Page Items
    2. Image sizes for posts
    3. Business Page Items
    4. Group Items
  2. Instagram
    1. Profile pic
    2. Image resolution guidelines
  3. YouTube
    1. Cover art
    2. Video thumbnails


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