Palouse Panoramas and Segmentation thoughts

I recently took two trips to the Palouse area and came away with more panoramas that I usually do. I’ll fill you in on all the details in today’s episode.

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I’m doing a solo show today and I’m talking about Palouse Panoramas. I’ve also got a listener question to answer so I’ll get to that as well.

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Main Topic: Palouse Panoramas

I highlight each of the images and describe where they were shot and the setup behind the scenes. A little discussion regarding post-production is also included.

See the blog post on this topic for all the details.

Secondary Topic: Segmentation

A listener, David Hunter, wrote in and asked a bit about my segmentation series. He saw my video on YouTube regarding my image segmentation but he’d like a lot more on the thoughts behind the process. So here we go.

I’ve got about 15 total images here, some more segmented than others. Some not as successful than others, but I’m showing them all. And let’s talk about them.


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