Historic Processes with Ray Bidegain

I’ve always had an interest in history related items. And of course, as a photographer, when you’re looking at historic processes that’s even more interesting. Today I’m talking about three alternate processes for making prints and it’s just a thrill to share this with you today.

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Stay tuned after the interview for a special announcement regarding some live sessions we’ll be doing starting next week. But for now, let’s get right to this great conversation I had with Ray.

Today I’m joined by Ray Bidegain who specializes in alternate or historic photographic processes. Ray, Welcome to the show!

Main Topic: Alternate Processes

Thanks for being here, Ray. I’m very interested to know more about these historic processes and how you use them in your work. Let’s start off with a description of the processes, the tools and materials used and simply how these are made.

Polymer Plate Photogravure

4-color print

Battery Stairs

Fishing Hole

Platinum Printing

Afternoon Oak


Distant Castle, Scotland

Wet Plate Collodion Workshop


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