Knowing your Super Power with Rick Sammon

What is your Super Power? That’s the topic of today’s episode. Understanding our personal super power can help you better understand why it is that you make the photographs you make, and it can also help you realize areas where you may need some work. If you have no idea what we’re talking about here listen in and see how you end up answering the question of “what is your super power?”

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Rick, welcome back!

Finding your Superpowers and Inner Voice

Not considering photography. Ask yourself. What am I good at? Why am I good at it? How did I get good at it.What do others think I am good at? Was I always good at it?

Listener responses first:

George McCane: Organization. Something that I should add to my comment is that I am a Contemplative Photographer. One aspect of my craft that I enjoy doing is to take lyrics of a song and then figuring out how to bring those lines about using photographs rather than videos. As you can imagine it takes quite a bit of organization to bring about the whole concept of making the shot and making it work.

Brie Stockwell: Ability to focus and learn a new skill, dig in, be resourceful and flexible. Don’t give up.

Geoff Allen: I think mine is curiosity. And I think especially curiosity about how things work, and how they’re interconnected.

Lori Rowland: An observer and listener to nature. I can be absorbed and be one with the landscape around me.

A few that resonated with me from the book:

Greg Vaughn: “Stepping Back and assessing the entire situation before acting.”

Scott Bourne: “Knowing how to give up. I learn to be at peace with my subject on their terms, not on mine.”

Don Komarechka: “Failures and mistakes should be reveled in, as you don’t learn anything from doing it right the first time!”

Sean Bagshaw: Positive and upbeat outlook.

Julie Lee: “There is no pressure to create a masterpiece, but only to explore the many ways of expression and warm up my creativity.”

Rick’s super powers: Ability to Communicate and have an awareness of the situation. Ability to predict when and where activity will happen. Focus on a project and never give up.

My super power: I resonate with so many things that were already covered. But as I was reading this book I challenged myself to identify my unique super power before I went on to Rick’s super powers. And I came up with Curiosity. Like Geoff earlier and like Rick mentions in the book where a psychologist stated “boundless curiosity” as one of his super powers.

Curiosity is what drives me beyond the borders of my region and out into the wilderness and to many a destination I’ve been to, and many a destination I desire to experience.

A strong sense of curiosity gives me a sense of discovery. I believe that I am always learning something in photography and my curiosity drives that notion. If I ever stop being curious about the world around me I think it’s time for me to do something else.

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