All about Bit Depth

In this interview Greg Benz and I nerd out on the meaning of Bit Depth and how it’s useful to all of us as travel and landscape photographers.

The Main Article here.

Main Points of interest:

  • 2:10, What is Bit Depth?
  • 4:20, Starting the definition of the “steps” between values smaller. How “granular” it is.
  • 5:40, Box of crayons analogy with relation to bits.
  • 6:00, 8 bits really the minimum for photographers. Banding can be an issue.
  • 6:40, Banding defined
  • 7:00, High ISO, Texture, things that hide banding
  • 8:05, Digital noise is good J
  • 8:35, Dithering and Noise difference
  • 10:10, Advice against having your working file in 8 bits
  • 11:25, Brent describes dithering
  • 12:25, What bits the cameras actually give us.
  • 14:35, Description on camera vs. eye interpretation of light. Log vs. Linear
  • 16:40, How higher bit-depth in the raw stage helps us in camera, especially with the shadows.
  • 19:00, characteristics of pushing the limits of the sensor
  • 21:10, discussion on other terminologies, monitor manufacturers etc.
  • 23:25, adding Gamut to the discussion, sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB
  • 26:30, some specific thoughts on ProPhoto RGB
  • 29:30, printing with the ProPhoto RGB gamut
  • 33:50, banding with luminosity masking, a fake issue
  • 38:00, Photoshop is really only 15 bit?! What?!
  • 40:40, How does this knowledge help us when shooting and processing?
  • 48:35, Introducing Dynamic Range to the discussion.
  • 52:38, Learning to shoot the right way, to maximize all these items.
  • 55:10, Exposure Blending Master Course

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