Larger Formats with Stevan Tontic

Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography.
From Bosnia, Sarajevo. Lives in the Chicago area.

Briefly describe two or three locations you recently traveled too.
I travel for work. So I get to go to lots of places that most wouldn’t be able to see. Both in the US and internationally. Various suppliers, such as in China.
Virginia as well.
Went to S. Dakota last year. Did some photography in the Black Hills area. And an old ghost town.
China: Shanghai, a recent favorite was in the bundt area of Shanghai. Was raining, lots of great reflections.
Rolliflex camera shooting. When shooting a TLR camera, people tend to not be as intimidated when shooting with that camera.

“Venice of China” See map below.
Street Scenes from Shanghai, B&W Edition:

The Graflex and getting “suckered” into Large Format.

Digitizing the large format photos, scanning with Epson scanners.

Links for this episode:

Look him up on YouTube, 500px, Facebook and more.

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