Latitude Replay

Welcome to Latitude Photography Podcast. The show where we talk about all things related to landscape and travel photography.

Today’s show is a replay from when Brian McGuckin and I did the show. It was originally published in November of 2017 and as we’re coming up on November 2018 I figured why not get this one out there again. It’s a great show and I figured it was worth republishing.

I do have several great shows coming up and I can’t wait to get to these interviews that I have scheduled. I’m looking at interviewing the fellas from Photog Adventures, Alyce Bender and others that are going to be at the Create Photography retreat in March.

Speaking of the retreat, be sure to look it up at their website,

At this time, I still can’t make it to Las Vegas, but I am considering doing a trip to the Oregon coast just before the retreat. I’ll let you know how that goes.

And finally, if you missed it, I’ve got an episode about my two big summer workshops, The Total Solar Eclipse in Chile and Croatia later in the summer. Either check out that episode or just look it up on the website.

Without further ado, here’s the replay of Episode 14 of when Brian and I were both doing the show.

Topic 1:

Latitude Replay:

In this show Brian tells us about his trip to Norway and other parts in Northern Europe.

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