Recent happenings and Macro Photography

There’s so much to talk about and so little time to do it, so, where to start.

First off I’d like to talk about the show in general.

Not publishing as often as I’d like. (end of the quarter and all that)

Working very hard on my print course and coming up with ideas for future courses.

Very busy quarter ahead. 48 in my intro to digital imaging course, 32 in my principles of photography course. Plus putting my dossier together. This quarter will be busy.

Going to try out a shorter show format for a while. It will be hard because I love talking photography. But with a shorter show to get out it may not seem so daunting of a task and I might be able to keep at it on a more regular basis. My goal is still twice per month.

I do have my workshops that still have several spots left. If shooting the total solar eclipse and other great spots in Chile interests you, please consider signing up. I’ve reserved a large apartment that has flexible sleeping arrangements, but I also have an option about doing your own lodging if you’d prefer. Check out the listing on my site and see if that would work for you. It’ll be so much fun and quite the adventure. We’ll learn some photography along the way too of course.

And my Croatia workshop too. If you love waterfalls and historic city centers then this trip is for you. Something I’d like to really stress is that we have some flexibility on the dates. If the first part of the trip can’t work for you please consider the second part. It’s only a half-week but I can easily extend that to a full week if that would be a better fit for your schedule. 

The problem is we’re coming up on the cancellation deadline which is March 31, 2019. If I don’t have the minimum signed up I’ll have to cancel. So please check it out and reach out to me if you have any questions.

My website is experiencing some changes lately. I’m preparing for publishing my course and it will be right there in my main site,

I’ve got the videos edited, I just need to polish them off and get them organized on the site.

When I publish the course I’ll do another episode that will walk you through everything in basic detail so you know what’s what and what to expect. I’m so excited to be so close to being finished. I’m spending my spring break getting this thing online and ready to go. 

It will be way more than just a set of videos to download. 

I will make the first announcements about the course release to my email list and my Workshops group on facebook. Just search for Brent Bergherm Photo Workshops on facebook and ask to join, or find the link at the bottom of every page on my site and join the email list. I email out my most recent blog posts and other pertinent stuff. 

I’ll be missing so many of you at the Create Photography Retreat later this week, but please know I’m working super hard to get this wonderful course out to you.

Of course, I also have the Walla Walla Print-n-Shoot workshop as well. With this workshop you’ll get access to the print course online when it’s published, but you’ll also have time with me here in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley where we’ll spend a week going out and shooting great images and then you’ll learn tons of post-production and print process techniques to create fine art prints from your photographs. The cost of the workshop includes all the ink and paper you’ll need to print several fine enlargements.

I’m still looking for submissions for my next theme where I talk about listener submitted images. For now I’m still hosting that on the facebook group. It should be the first thing you see and the theme this month is RED. I’ll record an episode in late March or early April 2019 and review and comment on three listener submitted images and then we’ll also talk about what red means in an image.

Also, I picked up a book by Ibarionex Perello titled “Making Photographs” and so far I recommend it. I’d love to chat with someone about this book. So if you want to get yourself a copy and read it by this summer please do so. We’ll then do an episode that’s a book review of sorts. I think it’ll be fun, check out the link in the show notes or just search for “Making Photographs” at your favorite bookseller.

Shooting Macro.

Spring is here and I love to shoot macro images of all sorts of subjects. Flowers, bugs and other details. It’s so fun to look at the amazing detail in God’s beautiful creation. So often we just miss out on the details, but when we take a macro lens and inspect it for all it’s worth, I don’t know, for me it’s just absolutely amazing.

I wrote a blog post on this and I’ll link it in the show notes as well:

Other links mentioned:

Chile Total Solar Eclipse Workshop:

Croatia Creative Composition Workshop:

Walla Walla Shoot-n-Print Workshop:

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