The Human Planet with Timothy Allen

Topic: Interview with Timothy Allen

As I look through your site I’m simply drawn in by the stories told there. Incredible stories about fascinating places and people here on this great planet of ours. So it’s my hope, today, to talk about a few of these.

It looks like you’re a filmmaker too. So you’re capturing stories with still images and motion as well.

Main Points of interest

  2. Tell us a little bit about the BBC series, Human Planet
  3. You have a few items written up on your site, one of which is the Living root bridges in Meghalaya, India. Describe the location for us and let’s talk about these magnificent trees turned bridges.
  4. How about Comic Relief Desert Trek, that looks like an incredible story
  5. There’s another story on the Bayaka Honey Gatherer. In it you describe the Bayaka people as, “Totally at home in their jungle.  Hunting with spears, adept at climbing trees, they can build an overnight shelter from scratch in less than half an hour.  They have an incredible culture of song and drumming rhythms and a fascinating tradition of forest spirituality that involves enthralling dances and a mythology of glow-in-the-dark forest spirits created from a luminescent jungle fungus.”
    How is it that you can work with a people group like this and relate to them. Are there interpreters, guides? It seems that something unique is going on here to aide in the communication.
    Describe the process of what they’re doing. They are climbing these trees and you’re sending up a filming crew to get a close in view of what they’re doing. It looks like they’re getting pretty high. How high up are they going?
  6. Let’s talk a bit about your workshops and expeditions. It looks like you take people to some far out places, Mongolia, for example.

People can follow you on Instagram @timothy_allen over at his STEEM site here.

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