First thoughts on the a6400 and iPad Pro

Links talked about in this episode: Time to talk about two pieces of gear. The iPad Pro and a mobile workflow opportunity that it provides, and the Sony a6400. Let’s talk about the 6400 first. I took it with me to my conference … Read more

Understanding Color and Listener Wisdom

Today we are talking about color. I wrote a blog post over on my main site about this whole idea of color. Head on over there to read it but, of course, we’ll talk about it here. It’s about the basics of color, a bit … Read more

Fine Art Printing Masterclass is Ready

View all the details of the course here:  This course is a very deep dive into all the things needed to know to get excellent prints out of your photographs. I’ve taken my 20+ years of photography experience and packaged it into this 8+ hour … Read more

Recent happenings and Macro Photography

There’s so much to talk about and so little time to do it, so, where to start. First off I’d like to talk about the show in general. Not publishing as often as I’d like. (end of the quarter and all that) Working very hard … Read more

Reviewing Listener Images and Judging the Light in Banff

New section, listener submitted images. Lots of people submitted images. Thank you! Tim Lawson, Eli Temchin, Linda Maier, Alyce Bender, Jon Whitaker, Colin Mayer, Chris Bartell, Benjamin Stuben Farrar, Mike Sirach, Joe Vargas, John Scane.  The images I’m choosing are from Colin Mayer. This image … Read more

RAISE, Panasonic Full-Frame, Long Exposures

Announcements. New section coming to the show next episode. I’ve asked for listener submissions on texture. And I’ve got several submissions. Thank you to all who submitted. I’ll put another announcement in the facebook group and this time we’re going for the color RED. Submit … Read more

Abstracts and Abstractions Part 2

Have you Seen this new OM-D E-M1X by Olympus. Holy cow. I’m loving this camera. Let’s look at some of the details. They claim “extensive weather sealing” which sounds like they’re really upping the weather sealing game. I love it. Rain, sleet or snow, they … Read more

Stories behind the images: Abstracts and Abstractions

Links: The form to fill out. Shoot-n-Print workshop in Walla Walla: Total Solar Eclipse: Croatia Waterfalls and Culture: Announcements. This show is brought you by me, myself and I. And what I mean by that is my workshops I’m offering this summer. I’ve got the … Read more

Printing Revisited

Announcements. This episode is nearly identical to the one going out on the Master Photography Podcast feed. I pick up where I start talking about the details of the print course I’m offering come April, 2019. Also, I’m doing a listener meet-up in Banff National … Read more

The Human Planet with Timothy Allen

Topic: Interview with Timothy Allen As I look through your site I’m simply drawn in by the stories told there. Incredible stories about fascinating places and people here on this great planet of ours. So it’s my hope, today, to talk about a few of … Read more